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In the year 72493E, Queen Elie Gentile of Cadmus declared herself the First Minister of the Ascendancy.

She wrote to the High Lord Cammius Giorigan demanding he step down from his position as supreme ruler of the Dominion Constellar.

If he refused, she would draw away the military might of all the planets who supported her cause…

…and launch a war unlike anything humankind had seen.

The following day, the High Lord mobilized a fleet in the Cadmus system.

The war was on.

The Ascendancy quickly turned from a coalition of worlds into a military juggernaut almost overnight.

Both sides were evenly matched.

The military benefitted from the Dominion’s age-long genetic manipulation experiments, giving birth to super-soldiers in laboratory vats.

The infamous Bladeship rose to power as the Ascendancy fought to claim its many footholds in the universe.

The war would rage for two decades, fought on every known habitable world.

It would claim hundreds of millions of lives on both sides. Of one thing, everyone could be absolutely certain…

…Elie Gentile had been right about the war.

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