The Shipyard Chronicles

It is the Age of the Bladeship.

In response to the slower, outdated ur-ships championed during the era of Temperance, a new weapon has emerged during a time of widespread war.

The first bladeship was built in the year 57E, in the month of War. It was called Prometheus. Since then, tens of thousands of bladeships have been developed and produced by almost every world in the Civilizations.

For hundreds of years, the massive warships would become the symbol of the Vine’s military might and victory over Temperance’s Empire.

Each has a story.

Bladeship Titanus

Bladeship Titanus

The Titanus has never seen combat. 

Operations aboard the bladeship have always been focused on intelligence-gathering rather than fighting.  

The Dominion commissioned House Soleis on the planet Telam to build it and 8 other bladeships in 830E.

Giorigan Cammius, High Lord of the Dominion, provided only 16% of the total cost for constructing all 9 bladeships and mandated that House Soleis pay the rest. 

Queen Alora Soleis sought the best engineers in Langvier, overseen by a M. Paladin Franz. 

The Titanus was among the first completed and introduced. It never made it beyond Telam’s gravitational field before the Ascendancy declared war against the Dominion.  

Alora gifted it to the Ascendancy military with the promise that it would defend Telam if needed. It is the sole bladeship within the Telam system. 

Vice Admiral Vica Rao himself commands the bridge with Colonel Trel Harisim as XO. Petty Officer Roth Soleis, the only son of Alora and Grey Soleis, served aboard as an intelligence officer in the war against the Dominion… 

…until an insurrection occurred on Telam, cutting all connection with the Ascendancy military. 

To be continued in Breaking Colossus, Stars Reach Book One 

Bladeship Wyvern

The Wyvern has known only war.

Its state-of-the-art Mark VII Dilation Drive and its DRG-II maneuvering thrusters give it a speed unmatched by any other bladeship in the universe.

As the only Wyvern-type bladeship in existence, it has been a coveted prize among Ascendancy and Dominion fleet officers alike.

A bladeship of this caliber can only be detained and boarded with extreme care by another bladeship with an equal Electro-pulse Cannon that can disable all electronics.

Once the Wyvern locks on to a target, there’s very little its prey can do to escape. It is a killing machine, and if its commander is skilled, she is unstoppable.

The Wyvern was eventually given to Grey Soleis after the Cyclops was grounded for repairs. After destroying the Dominion army on Aeneas, Grey was ordered to the Hyrcanis system…

To be continued in Breaking Colossus, Stars Reach Book One

Bladeship Cyclops

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Bladeship Triton

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Bladeship Telamon II

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Bladeship Templar

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Bladeship Revenant

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Bladeship Hyperion

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Bladeship Atlas

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