Unlikely heroes are swept up into a galactic war that disturbs the gods and unveils a mystery as old as the universe itself: what lies beyond Stars Reach?


Military Space Opera / Fantasy 🚀

Titles (Tentative)

  • Breaking Colossus, Stars Reach Book One
  • Treading Spectra, Stars Reach Book Two
  • Striking Daemon, Stars Reach Book Three
  • Waking Oracle, Stars Reach Book Four
  • Reaching Empyrean, Stars Reach Book Five

Breaking Colossus: Stars Reach Saga Book One


Estimated Mid 2022


The intergalactic war still raged

freedom seemed within our grasp.

But our wars disturbed the gods.

When Grey went MIA, his son Roth had a choice to make. As an intelligence officer in the Ascendancy war machine, his duty was to the military. But when his homeworld breaks all ties with the military after an insurrection, Roth’s relationship with his superiors is strained.

But then he meets Trin.

She claims to know his father.

Can he trust her?

Roth’s father is a man of mythic proportions. There are some in the military who want Grey to stay lost. Others revere him as more than a man. Their stories will help Roth come to understand his father and himself.

But then Roth meets the godlike Om—Grey has committed a terrible sin. Can Roth find Grey before it’s too late?

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