The Sun Maker Saga

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Using their unique ability to wield “merna”, a power that permeates reality, several unlikely heroes struggle against Tyranny and the end of the universe.


Space Opera / Fantasy 🚀


Release Calendar:

Ruin Star: Sun Maker Book One


October 5, 2021


Their world is dying

…Wardens hold all the power.

The Ruin Star looms over them.

When a boy named Gun meets an oathbreaker and a drunken scholar, he knows his life will never be the same. Driven from his desert town, he finds his place in the city.

But a revolution is brewing. The people are restless, and war looms closer every day.

What is Gun’s place in society?

Can he learn to fit in?

Aithen finds himself in a similar situation. When he saves a Warden’s life, everything gets better. But is he ready to join the military?

Will he ever belong?

What choice does he have?

One will enjoy privilege and station. The other will get everything taken from him. Both will change the world.

Fury Fall: Sun Maker Book Two


October 26th, 2021


Their world is unjust…

Is violence the only answer?

Gun wants to change all that.

But nothing is ever that easy. And when a childhood friend reappears in his life, it only complicates matters. Aithen isn’t the person he used to be. The military is tightening its grip.

Can Gun fight the inequality?

The revolution isn’t what it seems…

Aithen is pushed to the brink when he clashes with the Wardens. They need him, but does he need them? The time to confront the Ruin Star looms ever closer.

Will he learn what needs to be done in time?

What is the Ruin Star?

Some, like Erich, will do whatever it takes to learn about it. The Wardens only want its power. Everyone’s fate is tied to it. They must prepare or face the consequences. The one thing that’s certain: it awaits them all.

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